ISTANBUL—One of the highlights at a Turkish chocolate festival has been U.S. President Donald Trump — made of cake icing.

It took Turkish chef Tuba Geckil two days to make the imposing bust of Trump, clad from mid-torso in an edible jacket and striped tie.

Geckil said Saturday she crafts her concoctions after following media coverage and Trump, of course, has been in the news a lot.

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Her other icing sculptures at the festival at Istanbul’s military museum include John Lennon, Nelson Mandela and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel was a particular challenge, taking Geckil about three weeks to complete, partly because the sugary but stern sculpture includes an outstretched arm and pointed finger.

Geckil displayed her Merkel creation at an international culinary exhibition in Germany last year.

Turkish culinary festival features bust of Donald Trump — made of cake icing


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Turkish pastry chef Tuba Geckil adds the finishing touches to her figure of U.S. President Donald Trump made out of cake icing.  (LEFTERIS PITARAKIS / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)